Job Search

I’ve been looking around for jobs I qualify for. I figure it would be nice to have a means of supporting myself, you know. Anyway, I’m finding that I don’t qualify for many jobs. Not that I’m unqualified. That’s not it. Well, it is, but not due to incompetency or anything like that. What I mean is, most jobs I find online can be divided into two categories: for people who have 2+ years (or even 1 year) of experience in the industry and for college students (who are returning to their college at some point). I fit into neither of these groups. I’m currently working on a few angles to find the jobs that perhaps aren’t listed on companies’ websites.

My strategy:

1) Email everyone I know who works in Television or Film

2) Email everyone I know who lives in LA

3) Email everyone I know

4) Twitter with already famous people trying to get jobs from them

5) Leave my resume on various key streets in LA (wait for the calls to come pouring in)

6) Start a blog in hopes that employers will see it and hire me (hint hint)

7) Don’t curse on said blog (Too late. Shit.)

8) McDonalds (That is supposed to be an 8 with a parenthesis after it, not the “cool” emoticon. Although, the food service industry is pretty cool, so I’m leaving it.)

I’ll let you know how it goes!


~ by lharbron on July 19, 2010.

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