The future is here and it’s making me a stalker

I love technology. I love my iPhone and the internet and everything that keeps me connected to my friends and family. But, I fear the technology I own is turning me into a stalker. I love getting updates on my phone about when someone posts on my wall or adds a photo of me to facebook, but the rate at which I reply to posts and comment on pictures is a little scary. As soon as something occurs in the online space of facebook, my phone feels that I really need to know about it RIGHT NOW. And I feel obligated to react to whatever has transpired. Sometimes I feel the need to impose a 5 minute (give or take) waiting period on any online activity I learn about because those facebook timestamps can be brutal. Replying to a comment 2 seconds after it’s posted seems a little too eager. I do find it funny when my various gadgets work together to notify me of current events. Recently, my friend Brett posted on my wall. One second later, my gmail showed an unopened message. I tabbed over to see that Brett had posted on my wall. Two seconds after that, my phone lit up. I learned for the second time that Brett had written on my wall. When I got over to facebook, I had a notification. Brett had written on my wall. Thank you, notifications, for everything you do. But seriously. I would say get a life, but you already have one – it’s mine and I’d like it back.


~ by lharbron on July 19, 2010.

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